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Found and Fell for Nick Drake

Nick Drake

Nick Drake

I must admit in pure shame that I never knew the story of Nick Drake until this week. I had originally heard One of These Things First on the Garden State Soundtrack and since it sat near Iron and Wine and Cory Brothers on that album I automatically thought that he was just another modern day wannabe folk singer. Then I heard the song Time Has Told Me playing on Arun’s stereo Sunday morning. I went home and obsessed over his music and then his life. It is not until you learn the story of the man and then hear his songs that you truly understand the depth of his music. I won’t even begin to go into a biography but suggest you read more about him here.

Also, I suggest viewing the following videos: 

BBC Radio Special Presented by Brad Pitt (part 1 of 6)… (yes Brad Pitt)


A Skin Too Few (documentary) 

I won’t go into any spiritual connections but just let the music do the talking… 

Thank me later


bad back and a mindache

Today wasn’t the most easy of days. There’s a pain in my lower back from a crappy mattress and probably some over extension. There’s an ache in my mind probably from stress and an over extension as well. Over extended minds are beautiful yet painful. 

I saw an amazing thing today… I will blog more about it when my spine and head readjust. 

– rikin

overcoming my writing ineptitude

I can’t say this is my first blog, unfortunately I’ve had many contributions to the grand blogging cemetery. 

I’m not really sure why I’m so determined to have a “successful” blog. It would be nice to have a little side income or a few followers with common views and interests, that’s for sure. However, I think it is more to do with the fact that I have much to say but suck at writing. I have struggled endlessly to hone the art of putting my abject thoughts onto a very definitive paper/screen. This battle has been waged for years and I can still remember the cringe on my mothers face when she reviewed my adolescent work. You could almost see the words, “boy… you have some work to do”, floating along the wrinkles of her forehead. 

It was at Rutgers that I found the need to dig to the core of my horrendous writing. As a freshman I was required to take an expository writing class, a 3 part class that began at 8am. I remember scoring poorly on a few of my pieces and deciding to set some time up with my instructor, Brian Page, to get back on track. Brian spent 2 hours with me laboring over the importance of structure within each sentence, paragraph, and page. Each sentence should be a progression towards the end goal whether it is to tell a story or to prove a thesis. It was the art of writing to an audience that had to be mastered. My main flaw was that I threw too much into each sentence therefore diluting my original intent and confusing any end reader. I learned that even a short phrase that could confuse the reader should be reworked or disregarded. It became a challenge to find my own creative voice within these confinements. My writing improved and I finished with an A in a class that averaged a C.

It has been years since that conversation took place with Brian and since then I have noticed that my mind is reverting to my youthful ways of jumping from thought to thought without building the bridges for my audience. Blogging simply provides the best platform to grow and harness this art. It comes with so many additional benefits that I simply cannot give up on having a successful blog. 

For fuck’s sake I hope this one lasts.

the beginning

I hope you enjoy this…